Harold Spring drives more than 4,000,000 miles as over-the-road truck driver

After more than 4,000,000 miles as an over-the-road truck driver, Harold Spring of Sharpsburg has traded in his 18-wheeler for a more traditional mode of transportation.
Harold started driving a semi in March of 1972 and his first job was team driving over the road for Armor, running refrigerated meat and produce. He hauled from the Midwest to California and Seattle. He sat second seat and Harold and the other driver split 10 cents a mile. The other driver was paid a little extra for handling the paperwork.
He drove for Frances McMillen of Bedford for a couple of years before starting his life-long career with Heartland Express in August of 1978.
When Harold started there, Heartland was hauling in the Midwest in a van trailer. They hauled for Maytag, Kellogg, Western Electric which made cable and telephone items. They ran in a triangle around the Midwest.
“When I started for Heartland, trucking was regulated,” said Harold. “You had certain routes and certain things you could haul and that was all you could do.”

Harold retired as an over-the-road truck driver after spending nearly 50 years on the road. Harold and his wife, Linda, enjoy going to car shows and parades in this Studebaker.

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