Lenox Walking Trail celebrates Completion of trail with ribbon cutting

Those attending the ribbon cutting for the Lenox Walking Trail were, from left, Heather Samo, Brooke Pafford, Lonnie Barker, Pat Ferris, Nickie Henderson, Dave Ferris, Marti Cordell, Bill Henderson, and Jake Samo.

If you haven’t enjoyed a walk yet on the Lenox walking trail, take some time this fall and enjoy a walk on it. Construction on the trail started in the summer of 2018 and was completed in the spring of 2019.
The 1.3 mile trail loops by the depot, rodeo arena, Lenox Community Schools, Lenox Community Center, historic round house, athletic fields, and sports complex. The design splits the loop in half to make two smaller loops for those wanting to enjoy a shorter walk. The first loop was built in 1995 and ran south of the depot to Dallas Street.
In 2015, the park and recreation board and the city council were approached for approval to extend the existing trail. Approval was given and the planning and fundraising began for a concrete, eight-foot-wide, 1.3 mile walking trail.
A core group of five people formed a committee to develop the concept, then design and secure funding for the project at no cost to the city. Committee members were Bill Henderson, chairman; Heather Samo, Marti Cordell, Tina Custer, and Diana Maharry.

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