Healthy Hometown audit addresses improving walkability, sense of place

This is one design the LLOL group is looking at to place at the entrance of the Pocket Park.

The Lenox community is embarking on a program called Healthy Hometown Powered by Wellmark.
A Master Plan was developed for Lenox with a vision: “Lenox is a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community that takes pride in working together, a strong education system, and its opportunities allowing residents to be physically active, have access to healthy food options, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.” Steering committee was made up of Marti Cordell, Dave Henrichs, Allison Kitzman, Brooke Pafford, Jeremy Rounds, and Jackie Tripp.
Lenox Healthy Hometown group, made up of citizens, students, government representatives, and community members, participated in a walking audit workshop in November to identify opportunities for enhancing walkability and bikeability. From that audit, an assessment report was released last Wednesday, Jan. 15 to those involved in the walking audit. Jim Cushing from Wellmark Healthy Hometown powered by Wellmark, reviewed the audit with a group at the Lenox Community Center.
Those involved in the walking audit were Jim Cushing and Ethan Standard from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield; citizens, Jo Adams, Sidney Davenport, Sheila O’Riley; students, Santiago Arevalo, Walon Cook, Austen David, Tyra Stoaks; City of Lenox, Dawne Bowman, Allison Kitzman; Leading Ladies of Lenox, Cynthia Cox and Diana Maharry; and Jeremy Rounds from SICOG.

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