Library renovation progresses; projected costs reviewed for walking trail

Lenox City Council heard updates on the library renovation, sesquicentennial celebration, and reviewed costs for updating the tennis courts and construction of a walking trail to the golf course at their April 26 meeting.
Library renovation
City administrator, Allison Kitzman, met with the contractor, engineer, and library director to discuss library repairs. Kitzman said they have decided to remove the bump-out on the southeast corner of the building. Originally, they thought the floor was cement, but it is wood. A window will be installed there instead of a door with a balcony. When they removed ceiling tiles from the drop ceiling, they found the original tin ceiling. If they want to get rid of the drop ceilings, they will need to have the paint on the tin ceiling tested for lead and asbestos. Cost for testing is $2,000.
The contractor also recommended removing the sidewalk on the south side of the building to allow them to get a good seal at the joint of the building. Kitzman said the city employees can tear out the sidewalk and replace it with the option of replacing the entire sidewalk around the library building.
Kitzman asked the contractor for a cost to remove the metal panels on the east side of the building and apply the EIFS so it matches the south side. Two of the city council members have asked for a price on adding this to the project. She has not received that cost yet.
Kitzman met with Jeremy Rounds from SICOG and he toured the library building and took photos. He will look into grant opportunities for renovation of the interior.
The council approved an amended agreement with Shive-Hattery, engineer, for proposed changes to the bump-out and for testing of the paint on the tin ceiling.
A mural, which was planned on the south wall of Your Life Fitness Center, will be painted on the west side of the library.
Lenox will celebrate their sesquicentennial in 2022. Kitzman checked with other communities that have celebrated 150 years to get ideas. Dawne Bowman has agreed to serve on the committee as spokesperson for the city. Kitzman said they could have a main committee of five or six people and then form subcommittees under that for individual events. She said several in the community have expressed interest in being involved.
The city will need to decide if they want to contribute to the celebration and where the money will come from for events.
Tennis court renovation

An anonymous donor has offered to pay up to $50,000, possibly more, to renovate the tennis courts/basketball courts.

Kitzman reviewed the plans and bid from Pro Track and Tennis of Bennington, Ne. to update the tennis courts on S. Oak Street. At an earlier council meeting, word was received from Cindy Cox that someone was willing to donate up to $50,000 to redo the tennis courts. With the okay from the council, Kitzman contacted a company to provide a bid on work that includes coating the surface, painting basketball lines, supplying and installing two Grizzly basketball goals, installing two sets of pickleball game lines, installing two sets of four square lines, installing two sets of shuffleboard lines, and providing an area for bags. The bid was $47,420 and the city will need to purchase portable nets at a cost of $3,800 for a total of $51,220. Other plans included adding benches and fixing the lights which could bring the cost closer to $60,000.
The surface of the courts needs repaired before Pro Track can coat the surface. Kitzman said they have two options: 1) hire an asphalt company to cover both courts; 2) patch the areas including cutting out concrete and pouring new. Option 2 was the best choice; the city will be replacing the sidewalk at the library and could do the work on the tennis courts at the same time. They estimate the cost of concrete at the tennis courts will be around $1,800. Asphalting the courts would come at a much higher price.
Kitzman showed colors that are available for the surface with different color options available around the edge of the court as well as through the center. The council wanted to use brighter colors on the courts. Kitzman will work with Cox on color combinations.
The council approved to move forward with the work as long as the money is received first.

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