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Lenox American Legion Auxilairy

O’Riley, Shilo Leonard, Diana Bolinger and Brooklynn Ecklin. Lenox Junior Auxiliary members Katherine Adamson and Brooklynn Ecklin presenting wisks filled with candy and notepads to Lenox Staff.

Lenox American Legion Auxiliary members met for a social evening on Tuesday, August 10th at St. Patrick Catholic Church. The following ladies enjoyed sampling delicious snacks throughout the evening: Linda Weeber, Linda Christensen, Maggie Peterson and Hoyt, Bethany Christensen, Jennie Tyler, Lahni Jean Robinson, Peggy Brown and Kathy Ecklin. 2021-22 handbooks were passed out to members by President Linda Weeber. Our handbooks were made by Jeanine Lynam and will be used throughout the year.
The Unit received 2nd place and $20.00’s in chamber money for their float in the rodeo parade. Jennie Tyler furnished the gator and Linda Christensen and Kathy Ecklin helped her decorate it using the theme “We salute all the men and women who survived the jungle”. Linda Christensen drove the gator in the parade along with Bethany Christensen, Maura Peterson, Katherine Adamson, Jaidy Lopez and Kathy Ecklin handing out American flags. Maura Peterson and Jaidy Lopez were are Poppy Girls this year.
Kathy informed members about the online basket raffle. Fifteen baskets were donated by Linda Weeber, Kathy Ecklin, Janet Lopez, Linda Christensen, Sharon Dalton, Deva Lundquist, Linda Kemery, Jennie Tyler and Kady Russell. Brooklynn Ecklin was our tech person and got all the baskets online for us. Baskets were purchased by Sarah Adamson, John Tillman, Kady Russell, Kathy Ecklin, Erika Coleman, Sharon Dalton, Trisha Mains, Linda Christensen, Paula Borland, Patty Oliver and Rachel Luft.

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