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Construction updates given at school board meeting

Construction updates, hirings, retaking of classes and class rank, were some of the business to come before the Lenox School Board on September 8.
Drew from Estes Construction gave an update on the school project. Athletic field upgrades should be done before September 22. The paving contractor for the parking lot is scheduled to come September 21 and the bus lane and new parking will be done by October 1. The decking is going on the gym, roofers are on site for the classrooms on the south side of the building, and structural steel is going on the fitness area.
The handrails are on site for the bleachers and the press box was being installed Friday. The visitor bleachers are not centered by about seven feet. The board agreed not to worry about it right now. All windows are now in stock for the high school.
New hires included: Jennifer Gay, basketball cheerleading; Jennifer Miller, transfer from basketball cheerleading to tri-concessionaires with Rachel Luft and Sue Privett; Cassie Still, volunteer junior high volleyball coach; Emily Irr, assistant junior high boys’ basketball coach; Tiffany Green, assistant junior high girls’ basketball coach; Kim Morris, volunteer high school volleyball coach.
The board accepted the resignation from Kimberly Zepeda, cook, effective before the beginning of the school year.
Superintendent Dave Henrichs contacted area school districts on how they handle allowing students to retake class and the effect on class rank and GPA. This issue was discussed at the August board meeting. He contacted about 20 school districts and received seven responses. Those responses included:
-MSM – allow students to retake a class if the student failed the class. When retaken, it is done through a credit recovery program and student receives a pass or fail and does not impact GPA. Multiple valedictorians are allowed.
-Wayne – only allow students to retake class if it is failed.
-SWV and Atlantic – has not been an issue since students have not wanted to retake a class except when they fail.

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