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Lenox Bright Lights & Shining Hospitality

Ready or not, the time is coming to start gearing up for the Bright Lights in the park.
The Lenox Park has been lit up for Christmas for over 35 years. This is a community project with businesses, organizations, school and community members working together to make the holiday season just a little bit brighter. It is a tradition that brings great memories to families, generation after generation.
This year the light committee received a grant from the Lenox Trust for some projects at the park. In August several people got together and put new rope on the sidewalk lights. Thank you to Dave and Pat Ferris, Heidi, Jonathan and Jacob Weaver, Rachael and Eli Gard, Becky Barrans, Brian Nelson, Lahni Jean Robinson and Cade and Owen Cordell. The committee is very grateful to those volunteers and the Trust as the rope was getting frayed and awful to work with. There are also some new additions that we are very excited about.
Work days will begin in the park November 5, 6, 7 at 1pm each day and then the following weekends as needed.

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