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Trick rider Lakota McAlister performed all 3 nights of the rodeo.

The cowboy slips the rope over the head of the steer in the team roping at the Lenox Rodeo.

Steer wrestling takes perfect timing between two riders to get the steer in just the right spot before the cowboy jumps off his horse to catch the horn of the steer.

A bronc rider gets caught up in the rigging when he is thrown from the horse.

Look out for that first punch . . . and one clown gets knocked from his pony.

The Horton kids took the grand prize with their rodeo parade entry on Wednesday night with their “will trade brothers for gas money, going 2 rodeo”.

Littlest Horton brother is headed to the rodeo if someone will give him some gas money for a brother.

Opening ceremony at the Lenox Rodeo on Thursday night.

The clowns were throwing out free shirts to the crowd on Friday night.

Old Fashioned Fun Night was enjoyed by kids with a variety of games to choose from.

This youngster puts a spoonful of that good Rotary Club ice cream on hold to watch some rodeo action.

This cowgirl gets ready to drop a perfect loop over the calf’s head in the breakaway roping.

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