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Bid awarded for sewer lining project

The low bid for the sanitary sewer lining project was approved by the Lenox City Council at their September 11 meeting.
Accujet, LLC of Perry, Iowa was awarded the bid for the sanitary sewer lining project in the amount of $98,642.00. There were five bids submitted for the project and the engineer had estimated the cost to be $158,555. The highest bid was from a company in Wisconsin for $214,055.00.
Allison Kitzman, city administrator, said they had budgeted $200,000 from Covid fund. Because it came in under the engineer’s estimate, the city will add more to the project.
A public hearing was held for LMU’s water project. The council approved a CDBG draw request for $114,543 for the project.
Janis Henderson was reappointed to the Low Rent Housing Board for a term of two years. Her term will expire in September of 2025.
A special event permit was approved for the Homecoming parade on September 15.
The council approved a $1.00 pay increase for Marlene Hill at the Lenox Neighborhood Center.

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