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Early periodic screenings helps families keep up to date on vaccinations

Publisher’s note: A series of articles about Taylor County Public Health continues. We will look at each department and the programs that are offered. Two programs that are a part of the Maternal and Child Health program are Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT), education and outreach for the Hawk-I program, and immunizations. EPSDT…

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LMU board pledges support to Walking trail

The Lenox Municipal Utilities approved the rate for electricity that is produced by solar panels and pledged support to the Walking Trail project at their January 13 meeting. Resolution E 1-22 was introduced establishing avoided cost rates for the purchase of excess generation produced by a qualifying distributed generation facility. John Borland, LMU manager, said…

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Clearfield City Council sets date for public hearing; approves pay increases

Clearfield City Council met January 19 and set the date for a public hearing for their budget, approved several ordinances, and approved pay increases for employees. Pam Nickell, city clerk, talked about the budget for the 2022-23 year. Valuations went up more than a million dollars due to United Farmers Cooperative addition. A public hearing…

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Lenox City Council discusses road project

The Lenox City Council discussed options for expansion of the Lenox Neighborhood Center and reviewed costs for an upcoming road project at their January 10 meeting. Rob Lundquist, Lenox Neighborhood Center board member, was present and said he, Melissa Douglas, Karen Zabel, and Linda Hogan looked at a building for sale to provide additional space…

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